Department of software development


Head of the division – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Tuyakbayev Arystanbek Abuovich

The department is engaged into development of applied programs on automation of the activity of the university departments.

AWS (APM) of Personnel Department includes 66 parameters for each employee and allows you to create all sorts of combined queries by 37 parameters.

AWS (APM) of Teaching and Methodology Administration
includes the regulatory basis of the University, controls the curriculum of specialties, their approval, re-approval and execution. It is possible to check timetables, the results of a tutor activity, introduction of progress and offers of students.

AWS (APM) of Dean’s Office consists of the entry of specialties, groups and a list of students in these groups. There are 34 parameters per a student including information on the sociological and marital status. The database can generate 26 types of inquiry and their various combinations. There is a possibility of scheduling classes which monitors a compliance of schedules with the working curriculum, an overlaying of teachers and a search for replacement. You can monitor the progress of students, give information, provide by directions to the refinement, to re-sit, to extending the session, admission by payment, etc.

AWS (APM) of Department enters the data of working curricula, fixing disciplines to chairs, the calculation of hours for teaching load, teacher’s implementation of the individual plan, distribution of workload among teachers; enters data about the scientific activity of the teacher, topics of diploma and course works, the results of defension of diploma and course works, scores of classroom and independent works of students.

AWS (APM) of Office
Registrar monitors and evaluates students' knowledge based on module-rating system under assessment of credit technology. Control of knowledge and consideration of academic achievements of every student is held individually, starting with the first year of enrollment to his expulsion of a number of students in connection with the graduation from the university.

AWS (APM) of Student enables to record on the elective courses, to check grades, the status of tuition fees, scheduling classes in groups, searching for a teacher on a schedule, status of tuition fees, survey, supply and application to management of the university.

AWS (APM) of Distance Education
uses two types of distance learning technologies:

1 Network Technology
2 Case Technology

Accordingly to Network Technology, each student through the educational portal of the University may copy the contents, load his individual work into the base of the portal. There is a forum and the scheduled chat sessions created for communication between students and teachers.

Under Case Technology each student has the ability to send contents by e-mail and a teacher – to register the individual works received from students.

AWS (APM) of Division for Document Processing allows controlling incoming and outgoing documents within the university documentation such as statements, reports, orders, etc.

AWS (APM) of Sales Department can keep account and analysis of the status of tuition for the training of each student studied by a fee basis. Using the program of account and analysis it is possible to make a report for each student in each group of each faculty and the university as a whole.

AWS (APM) of Library provides a printed barcode of the book which is assigned to the book according to the inventory number of the book. In accordance with the number of a library card, a barcode of library card is issued. You can search and account literature by a barcode of book and a library card. There is a daily and an interim report of the reading-room and the subscribe at the library.

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