Military Department

Uvaydayev Nurseyt Otegenuly - lieutenant colonel, head of the military department

   In accordance with Order №190 of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 29, 1999 and Order №57 of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to implement the Decision №1282 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 1, 1999, a military department delivering the military training of reserve officers has been opening since the 2000-2001 academic year at the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University. The training is carried out according to the program for military specialties on the basis of higher professional education to form a mobilization reserve of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to train officers of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, as well as to activate the military-patriotic work among students.
Military training of students of the military department of the Korkyt Ata KSU is under activity according to the training program for reserve officers in the following military majors:
1. combat use of common military units, divisions and structures;
2. organizational and mobilization training.


Military training of students is a form of additional education and consists of theoretical and practical training courses. A total of 588 academic hours are allocated for military training, including 360 hours for theoretical training and 228 academic hours for practical training. Selection of students for training at the military Department is carried out on a competitive basis in accordance with the guidelines and admission plan approved annually by the Minister of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The competition is open to students who have completed the first year of University, do not have a criminal record, administrative offenses, are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and have passed a medical examination.

year of university have no criminal record or administrative offenses, the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and those who have passed a medical examination may participate in the competition.

Stages of selecting students to study at the military Department:

At the first stage, a medical examination is carried out, approved by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Rules of military medical examination and the Regulations on military medical examination bodies.

The second stage is professional psychological testing;

The third stage is a physical fitness check;

Students who have not passed a medical examination are not allowed to participate in the competition.

The admissions Committee conducts professional psychological testing of students in computer classes of the University, which includes testing the level of motivation, stress resistance, critical and logical thinking. Students ' physical fitness is evaluated according to the results of passing the physical fitness standards. Students who pass the competitive selection are enrolled in the military Department, studying in parallel in the second year at the University.

The main tasks of the military Department are to educate the wards of such qualities as loyalty to their people and country, patriotism, psychological stability, courage, discipline, high moral and ideological qualities, the ability to keep state secrets, as well as to teach knowledge, skills and abilities to perform combat duties in wartime. Education in the spirit of patriotism and readiness to defend the Motherland is conducted among University students and high school students of the city.

In General, the work of the military Department has a positive impact on the situation within the University and strengthens the moral and psychological climate among University students. Along with the educational work of the institutes, the military Department contributes to the formation of students ' loyalty, patriotism, love for the Motherland, strong civil positions, and the ability to resist any difficulties.

Staff of the military department is as follows:

Full Name

Military rank


office phone 


Uvaydayev Nurseyt Otegenuly  


head of the military Department

 8 (7242) 27-72-15


Erdigalikov Bibolat  

retired major senior lecturer, deputy head of the military department 8 (7242) 27-72-15 


Kenzhegulov Saken Maratuly  

 reserve major   

senior lecturer.cycle manager 

8 (7242) 27-72-15 


Myrzagulov Arab Abzhanuly  

 reserve major   

senior lecturer.cycle manager 

8 (7242) 27-72-15 


Pazylov Nurlybek Zhamaldinovich 


 reserve captain 

 lecturer 8 (7242) 27-72-15 


Bekenov Mirambek Dauletbayevich  

 reserve major    lecturer 8 (7242) 27-72-15 


Zharasbayev Askar Altynbekuly  

 reserve captain  lecturer 8 (7242) 27-72-15 


Bimanov Nurzhan Barlybayuly  

 -  laboratory assistant 8 (7242) 27-72-15 


 Madibekov Tolegen Sabituly  



8 (7242)27-61-67 



 Eleukeyeva Elmira Berikbolovna  

  master  8 (7242)27-61-67


Tanatkanova Bissenkul Mynbaykyzy  

senior laboratory assistant  8 (7242) 27-72-15


Tolepov Ruslan Askaruly  

  head of workshop  8 (7242)27-61-67

Contact phones: 27-72-15