Head of the Department of Documentation and Archives -  Temirbulatova Ainur Akhmatovna


The main functions of the department:

- reception and registration of incoming correspondence, consideration and passage of incoming correspondence, registration of outgoing correspondence, the procedure for organizing control and verification of execution, the procedure for drawing up and agreeing orders for the university;

- Compliance with the requirements of the Instruction for office work in university departments in accordance with the nomenclature of cases;

- ensuring the uniformity of requirements for documents, their movement, execution, as well as preparation and transfer to the archive;

- Registration and control of incoming documents in the electronic document management system (AWS);

- timely processing and registration of documents, bringing incoming correspondence to the management;

-control over the deadlines for the execution of documents and their correct execution;

-organization of the reception of citizens of the rector on personal matters;

Instruction for office work  of  Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University

Nomenclature of cases of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University

Phone /fax: 8(7242)26-27-14

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Aiteke bi 29A, room 302